Hacettepe University Intertnational Relations Dept.

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About Us

The Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies Program at Hacettepe University is founded on the principle of developing cultures of peace and peace perspectives. The founder of the program, Dr. Havva Kok Arslan has developed her ideas into a Master's program focused on teaching peace processes that apply and promote universal ethics to Turkey and the global agenda.

The program will promote peacemaking through an integrative analysis of the psychosocial, political, moral, and spiritual realities of our lives. Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively analyze and evaluate the theories and practices of peacebuilding, while gaining an in-depth understanding of violent, destructive conflict in the world.

The Master's program will be taught by a group of highly credentialed international peace experts who bring years of dedication and expertise to transdisciplinary processes of non violence and social transformation.

Hacettepe University's Department of International Relations will accept its first Peace and Conflict Studies students for the Fall 2012 semester in Istanbul, Turkey. Bridging two continents, Asia and Europe, Istanbul symbolizes the goals of peacebuilidng in uniting people and cultures. Charming, diverse, and cosmopolitan, Istanbul attracts people from around the world to its rich cultural history and sheer beauty. As a secular democracy, Turkey is in a unique position to influence geopolitical realities and to act as a stabilizing, mediating force in the region. As a peace scholar, you will develop an understanding of Turkey's uniquely diverse history, and find that it offers an endless array of case histories to apply to your research.