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About Us

Our mission is to improve the health, increase the confidence, and promote the independence of persons with special needs through the use of horses.

At REACH Therapeutic Riding Center we offer three programs using equine assisted therapeutic horseback riding to help those with physical, mental or emotional challenges:

  • Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding is geared to meet specific riding and/or social objectives. The primary focus of therapeutic riding is to teach riding skills that build toward independent riding.

  • Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy, performed by licensed therapists, employs the movement of the horse as a tool to improve posture, balance, and movement, as well as fine and gross motor responses.

Horses for Heroes is a program for US military veterans who have endured injuries in the line of duty. It is geared to improve the mind, body, and spirit of disabled vets through the uses of horses and the opportunity to socialize with fellow veterans. This program is all about brothers helping brothers.

At REACH Therapeutic Riding Center we have combined a dynamic core of equine professionals, volunteers and horses to provide unique opportunities. Some disabilities which may benefit from therapeutic riding or hippotherapy include:

Autism • Muscular dystrophy • Down syndrome Multiple sclerosis • Cerebral palsy • Fragile X syndrome Visual and hearing impairment • Learning and emotional disabilities

Physical benefits include:

• Improve balance and posture • Strengthen weak muscles • Slow down muscle degeneration • Relax tight muscles • Improve fine and gross motor skills • Improve hand-eye coordination

Mental and emotional benefits include:

• Social interaction • Coordination and cooperation • Structure and routine • Motivation and self-esteem • Channel anxious behavior • Sense of success • Sequencing and planning • Increase attention span and self-confidence • Physical and mental exercise

Volunteers are the backbone of REACH. It can take up to three volunteers to provide just one 30-minute ride for one of our kids.

Below you will find a list of volunteer opportunities. If you find one of interest or you just want more information, please complete the application form below.

Please note the minimum age for volunteering at the barn is 14. There is a mandatory $10 background check fee for all volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Horse Leaders

For volunteers who have extensive experience with horses, Horse Leaders help start, stop and guide the horses without making the riders feel like just a passenger.

  • Sidewalkers

These volunteers maintain constant safety awareness and provide physical and motivational support for the rider.

  • Tack Team

Keep our saddles and bridles in top condition and make sure the tack room is clean and organized.

  • Barn Help

If you can swing a hammer, pull weeds, and clean stalls, help us keep our facility in tip-top shape from the front walk to the back forty.

  • Schooling

If you are an experienced, upper level rider, we need you to help keep our horses healthy and happy by riding them regularly.

  • Fund-raising

Help with ongoing fund-raising efforts and special events.

  • Office

If horses aren't your thing, we need your help in the office with volunteer recruitment, computers and technology, grant research and writing, photography and video, and office cleaning and maintenance. Whatever your skills and interests, we need your expertise!

Volunteering at REACH is not only fulfilling, it's a lot of fun!

Please contact us for more information or to sign up for the next training session!

See you at the barn!!