Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Washington

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About Us

The Stroum Center for Jewish Studies is the most comprehensive institution in the Pacific Northwest for the academic study of Jewish life in its cultural, intellectual, religious, and international contexts. At the same time, our classes address universal questions about identity, community, and cultural adaptation over time. Two dozen Jewish Studies faculty members from across campus contribute their teaching and mentorship to nearly 1000 students per year. Jewish Studies courses are open to students of all backgrounds.

Founded four decades ago, UW Jewish Studies has always benefited from close partnerships with the surrounding Seattle community. The vision of Samuel and Althea Stroum enabled academic Jewish Studies to flourish as a program with a dynamic presence on campus, as well as a commitment to public scholarship. Through our diverse calendar of free events, including artistic performances, political panels, and academic symposia, the Stroum Center brings a world of Jewish topics to the broader community.

Key pillars of the program, such as the Stroum Lecture Series and the Hazel D. Cole Fellowship, have established the University of Washington as a locus of important research developments on the national scene. It is also important to note the Stroum Center’s location as one of the centers of academic excellence housed in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. The Jackson School has provided the crucial support, interdisciplinary connections, and global framework that have enabled Jewish Studies to reach its current stage.  

Today, the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies continues to offer cutting-edge approaches to the field of Jewish Studies. Our web presence at is a national model for creative online engagement with academic Jewish Studies. Our new Sephardic Studies Program is positioning itself as a leader in the field as it creates the world’s first Digital Library and Museum housing hundreds of Ladino artifacts. The Jewish Studies Graduate Fellowship builds intellectual community on campus for the scholars of the future, while we empower undergraduate leaders through the Jewish Studies Advisory Council.