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About Us

Solid International is a private foundation established in 2000 to help underprivileged people around the world by applying the experience and knowledge of the business world. The main office is situated in Switzerland with funding provided by business leaders and the private sector.


Solid recognizes the basic right of every individual to live a decent life and seeks to provide opportunities to achieve this goal.

Economic Program Solid considers socially responsible businesses as catalysts for generating well-being and prosperity. This policy is put into action in Ayacucho - one of the least developed regions of Peru. Starting from an integrated chain approach, Solid develops and supports the local economy. This way, Solid involves farmers, workers as well as entrepreneurs in this process, so that they become able to invest in their own future. First and foremost, Solid invests in the individual through schooling in various socio-economic practices and access to credit. Solid also invests in companies that contribute to the sustainable development of Ayacucho by generating employment, added value and income.

Social Program

Among the current generation of underprivileged people, Solid focuses especially on children. As children are the most vulnerable group in society, they are often victim of injustices and often are unable to stand up for themselves. Thus, Solid finances organizations worldwide supporting the fight against such injustice.