The Enspire Foundation

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About Us

Enspire Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC and was established inSeptember 1999. Five UBC graduates from a myriad of backgrounds came together with the genuineintent of making a difference in our society. Recognizing the value of being empowered through theprivilege of having an education, these young adults set out to create an environment through which theless fortunate can derive the same opportunity.

Through a variety of awareness initiatives, Enspire aims to make individuals realize and appreciate howtruly fortunate they are, and consequently, inspire them to assist the less fortunate. In turn, Enspireprovides these individuals with the opportunity to reach out to help and ultimately, hopes that these samepeople will further Enspire's mission.

In line with it's mission to empower, educate and encourage individuals to help themselves and others, Enspire Foundation provides the opportunity for young adults to travel to less developed countries to aid in the building of educational and housing facilities.