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About Us


Institute for Environmental Research and Volunteering (ERAVI-Volunteering) is a non-profit organization registered under Texas Secretary of State, dedicated to improve sustainable environment through integrating social, environment and economic aspects which are intertwined to the overall development. ERAVI facilitates volunteers/interns who are willing to participate development activities in the underdeveloped country for noble causes. ERAVI internship program is designed to support international students’ in-hand experiences to integrate within their academic framework. The program will intensively cover learning goals and will achieve outcomes within short period of time.

ERAVI-internship program aims to develop conservation efforts through networks of local community and institutions through grassroots research and training initiatives.

ERAVI has several successful stories on research and training program in community awareness, environment and nature conservation. The organization provides a meaningful volunteer and internship abroad program. Our internship program works closely with local government, non-governmental organizations, international development organizations and local grassroots groups to set-up and support internship opportunities in Nepal.

Ongoing Program: Internships and Volunteering Program in Nepal, 2013

ERAVI Volunteering offers internship on multidisciplinary subjects in South East Asia and Africa (Preferred countries Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, Africa). We have developed a well-structured package in the following areas:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Post Conflict Studies
  • Bio-cultural Conservation
  • Health and Education
  • Mountain Environment & Climate Change
  • Internship Opportunity at School/College/University
  • Enthnobiology
  • Community Awareness and Development

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