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A. Muang, Chiang Mai

About Us

BEAM Education Foundation (BEAM) was founded in January 2010 as a registered non-profit educational foundation in response to the rising educational needs of Burmese migrants and disadvantaged youth in Thailand. Currently, Thailand hosts around 3 million migrants. A majority of them have come from Myanmar and now comprise 4-5% of the total population of Thailand. This population makes significant contributions to the Thai economy by working in the agricultural, industrial, and service sectors. Sixty-five percent of this population is between the ages of 18 to 25, and they are mostly from rural communities of Myanmar. Due to their positions as migrant workers and ethnic youth, they often have a tenuous legal status and face many barriers to accessing social services, including education.

BEAM envisions people-oriented, peaceful, and developed communities in Myanmar and Thailand, which can be sustained by empowering local communities through comprehensive and continuous access to education. In the past 5 years, BEAM has proved that migrant and underprivileged youth have a high potential to become leaders for bringing positive change to communities along the border, where people are more marginalized and receive limited opportunities for development.

A management team of experienced teachers and administrators designed BEAM's academic, vocational and cultural programs to assist students access higher education in Thailand and bridge towards better life opportunities. BEAM has an ongoing relationship with the Stanford University, is connected with Volunteers in Asia (VIA). Native English speakers qualified to teach English, Math and Science are critical for second year BEAM students preparing for GED and university entrance exams.

BEAM Education Foundation is a registered non-profit foundation under Thai law. BEAM's funding comes from partner organizations, foundations, crowdfunding, and individual donors Tuition and textbooks for student are free of charge.