Cosmos of Culture



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About Us

Its aim is to introduce and promote Cultures and contemporary Means of Cultural Expression from different parts of the world in Europe. Moreover we support strongly mainly young artists and creators and artists with a migrant or a minority background and generally people that don’t have access to easily present their work. For that reason we have established and now function a cultural center with a wide range of activities concerning: a) Art and Culture and b) Human Rights and projecting the image of multiculturalism. The Centre organizes exhibitions, specials events for each country, seminars, presentations and conferences aiming to a different approach with several cultures, in co-operation with artists and creators. There are two main activities per year: a) “New Year’s Day around the World” and b) the "African Panorama" dedicated to African countries. Other actions are: 1. The “Africa House” is an action especially for African countries projecting their contemporary culture through arts and cultural creativity. “Cosmos of Culture” makes research and contacts artists and creators from countries of sub-saharian Africa aiming to present their culture to Europe. 2. Electronic gallery that presents collaborated artists, Greek and migrants, and their work. 3.We develop a European Network between Europeans countries (Greece, Spain) and non-European Mediterranean countries for cultural issues.