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About Us

CAUKIN is an architectural design group, consisting of eight university graduates from the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University. For the past two years, we have been researching, designing and constructing self-led, small-build projects based mainly in South-East Asia and the Pacific.

The aim of our projects, in keeping with our ethos, is to provide the local communities with educational resources and at the same time add value to the volunteering students’ practical learning experience. One of the most important aspects for us is to provide students with a hands-on experience and an opportunity to be involved with design-and-build projects, as well as to travel and experience new cultures. As a group of graduates, we believe that there is not enough physical building and construction experience included in the current curriculum at UK universities and we wish to, through our own enthusiasm and drive, provide the possibility for students to gain this crucial knowledge.

Each of our projects hugely benefit the communities in which they are situated. Not only are we  providing a service to the communities for free, but we contribute to their economy and local businesses for the duration of our stay there. Our immediate clients (the volunteers we take) gain invaluable skills in construction, new cultural experiences and life long relationships.