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About Us

SESI aims to comprehensively and expertly educate difficult-to-educate students across all facets of their development—academic, behavioral, social, and emotional—so that they can perform at their highest level and realize productive, fulfilling futures.

We reintegrate students into mainstream settings quickly and seamlessly, whenever possible. For school-aged students (grades K–12), this means returning them to their sending schools so they can benefit from the socialization of their larger peer community. For older students who stay with us through high school graduation, it means successfully transitioning them to institutions of higher learning, vocational training programs, or gainful employment in the workplace.

We accomplish these goals by:

  • Collaborating with our partners to tailor our services to fulfill their specific requirements and expectations
  • Maintaining ongoing, open communication among all relevant parties
  • Cultivating family and community involvement in our programming
  • Implementing our time-proven educational model that has been serving the best interests of school districts and improving young lives for over 25 years

Our Students

SESI designs and delivers customized educational services for the full array of students with special needs.

Special Education:Specializing primarily in serving the most severe 1% of the nation’s total 6.5 million students with a special education classification and an accompanying government-mandated IEP, including but not limited to students with:

  • Learning Disabilities: Including SLDs (Specific Learning Disabilities) and OHIs (Other Health Impairments), setting them 4–5 years behind grade level
  • Emotional Disabilities: Including SEDs (Severe Emotional Disturbances) and all types of emotional-social disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: All ASDs, including Asperger’s syndrome and PDD-NOS