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About Green Energy Foundation (GEF)

Green Energy Foundation (GEF) established itself as the most passionately referred NGO for environmental protection and striving to motivate and lead the society towards a lower ecological footprint since 2009. GEF’s most important endeavor, at all times, remained promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

GEF is India’s First NGO working doing awareness on green buildings and now appointed as “Promotional Partner” representing GRIHA across India. Over past four years GEF has been associated with national & international organizations such as UNESCO, NABARD, MNRE (Government of India), TERI.

GEF primarily working in following facets:

  • Energy Conservation & renewable energy
  • Water Conservation
  • Environmental education
  • Youth & Women empowerment

GEF has commendable record of projects and programs implemented since 2009.

  • Sustainable water management program for Buchkewadi village, Junnar Block, Pune district in association with NABARD, 2010
  • Save the water campaign in association with UNESCO, 2010
  • Harvesting the water to meet water shortage in Pune – A report to Mayor Shri. Mohanji Rajpal, Pune Municipal corporation, 2010
  • ‘Right to pee campaign’, 2011
  • Construction of 14 Women’s public toilet in Pune in association with Pune Municipal corporation, 2011.
  • Green CSR awards organizer with UNESCO, 2010 to 2012
  • ‘Economical Green building & its benefits – Seminars organised by GEF, 2010 to 2012
  • ‘Ecovarsity’, vocational training program in association with UNESCO, 2011

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To be positioned as the most passionately referred NGO for environmental protection while striving to motivate and lead the society towards a lower ecological footprint. To enable the society to green and clean the environment, we provide advisory services, enable Green CSR efforts and assist governments in conceptualising and building appropriate infrastructure for refuse management, pollution mitigation and resource conservation. Our most important endeavour, at all times, shall remain promoting a sustainable lifestyle


  • To educate people and develop awareness among the public on environment and sustainability issues
  • To network with like minded NGOs, Self Help Groups, experts & organizations from the domains of Environmental Protection, Nature & Resources Conservation, Sustainable Development Planning, Green Technologies etc to create awareness among the masses and empower them to act.
  • To channalise the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of companies towards achieving Sustainable Development objectives.
  • To create employment for the under privileged by turning the Sustainable Development efforts into viable economic activities and training and empowering the local workforces for Green Jobs.
  • To focus on schools and other educational institutions, with the support of the faculty and parents, and instill sustainability values in students.
  • To conduct campaigns against unscientific ways of hazardous waste disposal and usage of non-biodegradable substances.
  • To provide guidance on reducing, reusing and recycling by establishing collection centers for recyclables and finding buyers for those recyclables.
  • To work alongside the Government & Local Administration and assist in developing policies & regulations addressing Sustainable Development.