Protect a Life

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Klikame, Rue Natien
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About Us

Protect a Life is a tobacco control organization in Togo. The creation of this organization has been possible thanks to dynamic tobacco control advocates. It was important to create this organization in a time when its promoters realized that tobacco use in the country is a source of destruction of this poor population.

Protect a Life’s last survey in main areas of Togo revealed that most of poor people live in rural areas and the poor is the one who smokes the most and bears the greatest economic and disease burden from tobacco use. He can ill-afford to spend scarce household income on tobacco. Tobacco and poverty being closely linked, in Togo, most of tobacco users are from poor and rural areas. Addiction to nicotine drives this poor population to spend money on tobacco, limiting resources available for vital necessities. Tobacco use contributes to poverty at the individual, household, and national level but less attention is paid to tobacco and poverty in rural Togo.

Our vision is to promote health by building a tobacco-free Togo.

The mission of Protect a Life is to make Togolese people aware of the harmful effects of tobacco use and change their lives by promoting tobacco control and sustainable development activities in Togo.