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About Us

In our Pre-College program, students learn how to think, feel, and act like successful college students in the first place. We help them enroll into CCP and practice firsthand the soft skills necessary to navigate college's social and academic contexts, such as going to professors’ office hours, balancing schedules, and managing financial aid.

Once they start CCP, students are welcomed into Philly College Team (PCT), in which they are supported by upperclassmen and a network of mentors. Team members study and eat communal dinners together, are connected to campus resources such as advisors, counselors, and tutors, and take part in monthly workshops. They are fully supported until their commencement day. 

While students are completing college, we guarantee their future success by connecting them with career-based resume and skill-building workshops and by setting them up with shadowing & internship opportunities. If they wish to continue their education, we ensure they can transfer to an affordable four-year college, where they will already be halfway to a bachelor's degree.