Fishes & Loaves Pantry

  • MD

About Us

Fishes & Loaves is a Baltimore food pantry leading the battle against hunger through innovative new policy. Winner of numerous awards, including the Governor’s Volunteer Service Certificate and the Maryland Food Bank Partner of the Year, Fishes & Loaves is responsible for feeding approximately three thousand people and mentoring four other food pantries. One of the most influential food pantries in Baltimore, Fishes & Loaves maintains close ties with the Maryland Food Bank, The Baltimore City Department of Social Services, The United States Department of Agriculture, and other state and federal agencies as well as businesses in the private sector such as H&S Bakery and The CSX Corporation.

Following the Biblical principle that you are your brother's keeper, we embrace the slogan,"Have a heart, lend a hand"to help feed the needy during these economically challenging times. Our goal is to reach out to neighborhoods, instill and restore hope while not letting anyone go hungry or suffer for lack of proper resources.