Project Hope (Palestine)

About Us

Vision Statement

“To provide youth and children in the Near East living in conflict zones or under conditions of deprivation with humanitarian relief, education, training, and recreational opportunities.”

Mission Statement

“Project Hope is a non-profit volunteer organization whose goal is to provide a participatory, educational space for war-affected children in the Near East. Committed to the principles of international humanitarian law and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, our aim is support children denied access to basic services: by providing educational and recreational activities, medical and humanitarian relief and practical training that can empower them with hope and skills for the future. We aim to achieve these goals through an efficient, effective, accountable and participatory approach that focuses on child protection, with gender equality and advancement as an integral part of our mission.”

Objective #1 – Children and Youth

- To provide access to relevant quality education, vocational training and recreational activities for girls and boys affected by conflict and acute deprivation in targeted communities.

- To focus programs to support war-affected children by providing a positive environment where children and youth can express themselves productively by encouraging them to become active participants in the program’s design, implementation and evaluation.

- To advocate for child protection and access to basic services through public awareness and policy dialogue.

Objective #2 – Gender Equality

  • To ensure girls and young women have equal access to the educational, vocational and recreational activities of the project.
  • To promote gender equality and empowerment of women and girls by enabling equal participation in needs assessment, design, development and implementation of the programs.
  • To provide equal opportunities and skills training for women to be actively involved in the management and implementation of the project.

Objective 3 – Capacity Development and Supporting Civil Society

  • To strengthen local project management capacity to ensure program sustainability.
  • To develop strong partnerships with local/international NGOs to strengthen coordination in development and humanitarian interventions.

Objective 4 – Project Accountability and Effective Project Management

  • To ensure good governance of the organization by transparent, accountable and timely monitoring and reporting of financial and project activities in compliance with legal obligations.
  • To fully integrate Results Based Management (RBM) in the management of all field projects from program design, implementation, monitoring and reporting.
  • To provide intercultural dialogue throughout the organization to foster continuous improvement and to ensure that the programs meet the needs of war-affected youth and communities.