Neo Humanist foundation and Baan Unrak School

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About Us

BaanUnrak School is situated in the hilly land of Sangklaburi, North West of Bangkok and near to the Burmese border. The school has around 200 students from different ethnic groups who all live peacefully together in this area. The majority of our students live in three different children's homes.

Our school is therefore not just an academic learning center but also acts as a second home where we love and care for each child individually. Our education goes from kindergarten to Grade 9.

We have an ongoing need for volunteers to join this project for a few months to a year or more. The first term is from May to September. The second term is from November to March.

All volunteers need to be sincere and committed to children. We require that volunteers maintain an alcohol, cigarette, and drug free lifestyle during their time here, as you are a role model for the children. We provide basic housing and vegetarian meals will be provided twice daily on workdays, so we ask that our volunteers not eat or offer meat to the children, on or off campus. Of course you may follow your own preferences outside the school in your free time.

We arrange accommodation for our volunteers. We do ask for a small contribution, $5-$10 depending on the length of stay. This includes a large, hot meal at lunchtime. You can also take something to eat for dinner. Volunteers who can stay with us for 6 months or longer will have free accommodation and meals.