One Million Bones-NOLA

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New Orleans

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About Us

One Million Bones is a large-scale social arts practice. That means we use education and hands-on artmaking to raise awareness of genocides and atrocities going on around the world, this very day.

The one million bones collected from across the country and installed on the National Mall in Spring 2013 offer a visible petition, to remember victims and survivors, to bring awareness to the issue and to call upon our government to take much needed and long overdue action.

Donations raised are sent to three beneficiary organizations that provide advocacy and direct services on the ground in conflict zones. This is an important part of our mission, but our main focus is to increase awareness of what’s happening in Sudan, the Congo and Burma, and provide an opportunity for volunteers to take action in response.

We never cease to be amazed at how many people have only the most vague notion of what genocide is, and how many more have no idea it’s happening now. All of us at One Million Bones think the most powerful thing we can do to change that is going to happen by using art as a means of introducing people to the issue and offering actions related to it.