US India Political Action Committee

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About Us

The US India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) was founded in October 2002. USINPAC was established to present a unified voice to the Congress and impact policies that concern the Indian-American community.

USINPAC is the political voice of 2.7 million Indian-Americans. As a bipartisan organization we work to impact policy on issues of concern to the Indian-American community in the United States. USINPAC has enhanced the community’s presence and its issues on Capitol Hill and given Indian-Americans a stronger voice in the legislative process in a bipartisan manner. USINPAC's activities focus on strengthening a grassroots network to work on issues concerning the community.

USINPAC also began working closely with other Indian-American organizations to promote fair and balanced policies, and create a platform to enable the entry of Indian-Americans in the political process. Over the past 11 years, USINPAC has persistently worked to influence policy decisions and act as a watchdog for Indian-Americans.