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About Us

The Nicaragua Network has been organizing in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua since February of 1979. The Network was founded to support the popular struggle to overthrow the 45 year US-supported Somoza family dictatorship, and after the July 19 victory, to support the efforts of the Sandinista Revolution to provide a better life for the nation's people. Thus, for over 30 years, the Network has been a leading organization in the United States committed to social and economic justice for Nicaragua, Latin America and the world, based on respect for sovereignty and self-determination. The Network advocates for sound U.S. foreign policies that respect human rights and international law. The Nicaragua Network publishes the weekly Nicaragua News Bulletin with the news from Nicaragua in English.

The Network organizes study tours and brigades to Nicaragua. Some important campaigns have been confronting water privatization, debt cancellation for Nicaragua and other poor countries, and radical change of IMF/World Bank measures. We also have had campaigns in support of unemployed coffee workers, banana workers, labor organizing in the Free Trade Zones, indigenous rights, and the efforts of Nicaraguan environmental organizations.