Beyond Balance, Inc.

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1148 Smithville Rd.
Mount Holly
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About Us

Beyond Balance Mission Statement: Beyond Balance is a nonprofit volunteer based organization that provides horseback riding and related equine assisted activities to individuals with disabilities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Surpassing all boundaries. What is Therapeutic Riding? Therapeutic Riding has been proven to be helpful to people with special needs in a number of ways. An individual ultimately gains independence and mobility on the back of a horse. Riders that start out completely dependent on a leader and sidewalkers may eventually become independent. Because the movement of the horse is very unique, it moves the rider in a manner similar to the human gait, riders often show improvement in flexibility, balance and strength. The interaction with a live animal can reach psyches that may otherwise be locked away. The horse helps to facilitate directions given and can help riders associate words with actions. These benefits often cross over into their non-horse lives too, with an increased ability to perform daily tasks. Anyone can strive to achieve a partnership with the horse, whether a person has a disability or just wants to form a bond with an animal. Physical Benefits: Improves gross and fine motor skills, balance, coordination, reflexes, motor planning, range of motion and muscle tone. Psychological Benefits: Improves self-confidence, emotional control, self discipline, risk taking, patience and trust. Educational: Improves remedial reading skills, sequencing, patterning, eye-hand coordination, differentiation, and visual-spatial perception. Social: Improved social interaction is developed by forming a bond with the horse, therapists, instructors, volunteers and other students.