Kenya Education Fund

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About Us

The Kenya Education Fund (KEF) is an international nonprofit organization that provides academic scholarships, as well as life-skills and career mentoring to Kenyans who cannot afford school in their country. 

Many people do not realize that school in developing countries is not free. In Kenya, both public and private high schools cost hundreds of dollars in tuition, boarding, and supplies each year. This means roughly three-quarters all of Kenyans - many of them girls – cannot complete high school because they are poor.

The KEF has awarded roughly 1500 scholarships to students, helping Kenyans to escape poverty by finishing high school and acquiring the life skills they need to be healthy and successful members of our global community.

Further, the KEF aims to be an "invisible NGO" by offering educational assistance and direction in a manner that fosters less dependency on outsiders and a greater sense of accomplishment for Kenyans. We find that we can accomplish this by building on the wealth of resources, culture and creativity that already flourish within Kenya's existing educational infrastructure.

The KEF also feels that education is the key to reducing Kenya's HIV/AIDS prevalence (approximately 6.1% - UNAIDS 2007), stemming widespread corruption, and leading the country towards economic independence.