Domestic Violence Resource Center South County

  • Rhode Island


61 Main Street
Rhode Island
United States

About Us

Our Mission:

The Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County (DVRCSC) is a nonprofit agency that works toward a future free of violence, and to build a community in which each individual shares the responsibility to create a culture of safety and personal dignity. We work collaboratively to offer safety, support, advocacy, education and a network of services to the residents of Washington County. The DVRCSC is dedicated to both preventing and responding to domestic violence by working to change the social conditions, beliefs and social actions that perpetuate abuse.  

Our Vision:

Constituents know DVRCSC as a positive, safe and accessible agency where people are treated with dignity and respect. Passionate and professional staff and volunteers go above and beyond to understand, advocate for and support those impacted by domestic violence. Whether through community-based support groups, the helpline, educational programs, safe housing, our network of support services, court advocacy initiatives or partner referrals, DVRCSC is there when people are most in need. We empower people to avoid or break cycles of violence, to choose safety over fear, and to prioritize balanced, healthy relationships. Our community education programs are recognized as some of the most effective and engaging youth and community development programs in the state. Our efforts to connect to and work with our community are unparalleled and respected. Viewed as compassionate, accessible and essential, the community leans on DVRCSC to take action and advocate for a safe, healthy community. As a result, DVRCSC is a sought-after partner known as a catalyst for social change.

Mission-minded and fiscally responsible, the DVRCSC is known as a conscientious and effective steward of the community’s trust and support. We enjoy dynamic partnerships, dedicated volunteers and generous community support. An active and engaged board oversees and supports the organization and its efforts. Staff and board thoughtfully identify program and operational priorities, embrace collaboration and establish best practices to meet community needs. Programming is developed in response to community need, based on resident expertise, sustainable funding and organizational capacity. The DVRCSC consistently evaluates staff and program performance to strengthen their understanding of needs, level of practice, and delivery of accessible, relevant services. Staff and volunteer longevity and knowledge allow DVRCSC to consistently provide diverse, high quality programs and services. Therefore, there is a strong commitment to staff development, allowing the DVRCSC to establish and grow expertise, as well as organizational capacity and sustainability. 


·        Safety & personal dignity

·        Personal responsibility

·        Respect and trust

·        Open communication

·        Cooperation and collaboration

·        Healthy personal and professional relationships

·        Compassionate, engaged community