Muslim Women's Coalition (MWC)

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About Us

In recent years, the world has awakened to a need to better understand Muslims and their faith. Many are only now realizing the contribution Islamic civilization has made to global society. For example, the principles of democracy, equality, justice, and communal welfare are inherently Islamic values introduced with the advent of the faith. Ultimately, these fundamental Islamic principles are designed to create harmony and balance in society.

The Muslim Women’s Coalition (MWC) is dedicated to upholding these and other Islamic principles by uniting American Muslim women who seek to serve the worldwide community with compassion, love and goodwill.

Women occupy a unique role in society. As the primary caregivers and nurturers of our children, women are the heart of the family. MWC aims to reach beyond the family, and use this position to serve the local, regional, and global communities. A non-profit, community service organization, MWC is primarily a conduit to provide relief and support to those in need, domestically and overseas.

The Muslim Women’s Coalition also aims to serve as a resource for all Americans to learn about women in Islam. We provide the interfaith, media and policy-making communities access to timely, relevant information, and act as a channel for the Muslim woman’s viewpoint on issues pertaining to domestic policy, civil society, and foreign affairs. Let us unite as women, as Americans, and as citizens of a global society in the struggle against poverty and strife, and toward better understanding.