Center for Children's Initiatives (CCI)

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About Us

The Center for Children's Initiatives (formerly Child Care, Inc.), champions the right of all children to start life with the best possible foundation of learning, care and health.

We accomplish this mission by providing:

• Information and consultation to parents • Professional training and development to the field • Advocacy and analysis to influence public policy and practice

CCI activities are broad reaching. They span the areas of early literacy, professional development for individuals at all levels in the field of early care and education, and consultation, mentoring, and assistance for parents, child care providers, and early education programs. CCI’s specially designed efforts and services provide support to programs working to obtain national accreditation and address barriers in expanding and improving the quality of services for all children.

CCI’s policy work and advocacy is informed by a vision of early care and education as a comprehensive system, delivered in diverse settings and offering high-quality early learning experiences for all children starting from birth. We are recognized as a national leader in our advocacy and policy role, serving as a catalyst for change over the past 25 years. Our ongoing commitment and collaboration with community leaders, advocates, providers, parents and public officials has produced broad-based institutional change with long-term impact. CCI is part of a national network of child care resources and referral agencies.