Healing Muses

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1185 Solano Ave., PMB #153
United States

About Us

Healing Muses brings healing music, played on Celtic harp, flute and recorder, to Bay Area hospitals, clinics, hospices, convalescent homes and other institutions providing care for the sick, handicapped and elderly.

Using a wide-ranging selection of music from classical, folk sources and various world traditions, the musicians of Healing Muses create a peaceful sound environment conducive to the well-being of patients and staff. Music is used to promote relaxation, diffuse pain, and reduce anxiety during stressful hospital stays and procedures. Members of Healing Muses also offer lectures and workshops on the healing effects of music, and have recorded two healing music CDs, which are made available to the organizations and individuals they benefit. CDs can be ordered by visiting: www.healingmuses.org.