New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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10 Harvey Street
United States

About Us

New England Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“NEFB&H) is a non-profit organization that helps Bosnian- Herzegovinian community in the United States in terms of assimilation, progress and success in the United States through:

a. Organizing activities with the goal of strengthening and maintaining relationships amongst members of the community through cultural, social and academic activities, including the activities relating academic, social, festive, and sports-recreational events.

b. Helping members of the community to stay in touch and maintain the connection with the Bosnian- Herzegovinian culture and language, including cultural and linguistic oriented activities for children, teenagers and adults.

c. Offering advice and guidance (within the possibilities) to the members of the community, when it comes to integration, progress and success in the United States, including providing business/professional networking (when possible), advising the members in terms of settling and living in the United States, advising students in terms of academics and similar things.

d. Organizing and offering of humanitarian and social events, with the purpose and goal of helping the oppressed, discriminated against, and people in need in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States.

e. Raising awareness and informing the general public as well as fighting against any and all types of discrimination against the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including any violations of human or civil rights, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

f. Building the bridges of cooperation and interaction with other communities here in the United States, and representing Bosnian-Herzegovinian culture and history to the public in the United States.