Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corp.

  • NY


111-20 Farmers Boulevard
St. Albans
United States

About Us

Farmers Boulevard Community Development Corp. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded to revitalize the Farmers Boulevard corridor in Southeast Queens, New York. As an historic artery for hip-hop culture, jazz heritage, and entrepreneurial incubation, Farmers Boulevard invites emerging talent to this resurging enclave of urban ingenuity. Our organization works to redevelop and fill vacant commercial spaces along the boulevard and to restore vibrancy to the corridor through arts, retail, events, and community services.

We are always seeking business professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and others in the local area who are interested to play a hands-on role in revitalizing this community. Please contact us, and watch what grows on Farmers Boulevard.

Latest Listings

Millennial Vision Board Members (Volunteer Opportunity)