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About Us

Academic excellence through arts integration and individual creativity.

The Tangi Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school and will serve approximately 200 students in grades K-5 in the 2015/16 school year. One grade level will be added each year until the school reaches the 8th grade level and serves 450 students. Applicants will be chosen for admission via lottery 

Our mission is realized through a community of parents, teachers, administrators, students and our board, who are invested in promoting equality of opportunity and developing creative learners with the ability to serve and lead their communities. Tangipahoa Charter School Association believes that students and their families should participate fully in learning experiences developed within a child-centered, hands-on environment and that the community must be an integral part of the school and the school an integral part of the community. TANGI ACADEMY will provide children with an exemplary education using a rigorous, arts integrated curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards and delivered in a student-centered environment that respects individual capabilities and learning styles. The arts-integrated curriculum will facilitate critical thinking, social, communication, reasoning, self-management, and research skills. Our governing value is that all children can learn and, with appropriate encouragement and support, are capable of reaching their full potential. 

According to Rocco Landesman, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, “When a school delivers the complete education to which every child is entitled—an education that very much includes the arts—the whole child blossoms.” TANGI ACADEMY will create and support a culture of high expectations that allows for that “whole child” to truly “blossom.” To accomplish this, the school will provide a safe, supportive, and challenging environment that encourages students to maximize their learning and explore their interests. We will create a school where the artistic habits of mind will foster mutual respect for one another and one another’s work that will transfer over into all other aspects of the school culture. We will empower students to take ownership over their individual projects while absorbing the material and gaining a deeper understanding of the subject matter.