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About Us

Young Political Scientist Association “PoliticOn” is a non-profitable virtual community of young political scientists created to unite and support the people who start their career or have deep interest in the political science and affiliating spheres. The basic principles of the community are freedom, appreciation of human rights and liberties, respect to other’s ideas, opinions, views, academic honesty and integrity, internationalism.

In our strife to support positive changes in the world and facilitate academic dialog between young political scientists from all over the world we provide necessary resources. The resources include virtual space for publishing academic works, support and help in your studies, information on upcoming events, legal issues, available financial support and educational opportunities, virtual discussion board, online books, documents, magazines, links to other useful resources, recommendations to our active members, publications evaluation and critique, and other. In the closest future we plan to increase our non-virtual resources and facilitate academic exchange on the international and regional levels through forums and conferences.