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About Us

The mission of the University Career Center supports the educational goals of the University, in particular,

"graduates of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte should be self-motivated individuals who are able to form, articulate and act upon reasoned decisions in their personal, civic and professional lives, . . ."

by providing a comprehensive approach to career preparation with experiential learning as a key component. The staff of the University Career Center teaches student career decision making, planning skills, and fosters the integration of academic and career goal development through quality 49erships (non-credit internships), cooperative education, externships, and community service projects.

The University Career Center proactively develops and maintains relationships with a diverse group of employers and organizations and provides a link to the "world of work" through which students can take advantage of numerous information sources and programs.


The University Career Center is dedicated to this ultimate vision:

To be a premier comprehensive career center in accord with national & regional standards. Services will emphasize timely career planning and experiential learning utilizing technology and strong relations with academic units to prepare students for a competency based world of work..


STUDENT ASSISTANCE: To help all UNC Charlotte students make and act on career decisions with increased awareness by educating and encouraging responsible timely involvement in career planning, experiential learning, and job search processes. EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: To educate students and engage timely involvement in experiential learning and processes OUTREACH/INTERNAL: To educate and engage students, faculty, and employers in active participation of quality experiential learning programs and relate career participation. OUTREACH/EXTERNAL: To promote among individuals and organizations outside the university community, a receptivity to and involvement with UNC Charlotte, the Colleges, and the students. ADMINISTRATION: To develop the organization, structure and plans appropriate to the growth and resources of the program, in conjunction with the increasing needs of the academic units.