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Since 2004, we have had a presence in Myanmar (previously referred to in the United States as Burma) to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Burma. During these years, we have been involved in a variety of projects in Burma including but not limited to: 1) providing food, clothing, shelter and medical supplies to abandoned and orphaned children; 2) participating in the delivery of vocational training programs for the older children in such skill areas as sewing and technology; 3) coordinating the establishment of a dairy farm to provide milk for the children in the orphanages, much needed income for the orphanages and to provide an opportunity to learn about an agricultural business; 4) initiating and enhancing small business opportunities through a small loans program among the villages; 5) developing neighborhood Christian schools in the poorest sections of the city of Yangon where education is treasured, but beyond the financial reach of the vast majority of the people, and 6) helping to relocate refugees from Burma into the United States.

Each year, the opportunities for helping the people of Burma not only increase, but become more challenging. Burma is one of the world's most impoverished, undeveloped, and isolated countries. We are dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of Myanmar citizens by working in children's homes, building schools, operating a microcredit project, and by helping refugees from Burma resettle in Texas.