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About Us

StayWell Health Center (SHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that has been operating in Waterbury since 1972. It opened as part of the Model Cities Program, a federal effort to bring health services to the Medically Underserved Areas of the city. Originally operated by the City of Waterbury, Department of Public Health, StayWell Health Center became a non-profit tax-exempt corporation in 1994. Since then, it has seen a steady growth in its client base and its role as a healthcare provider within the community. This year we expect to provide over 85,000 patient visits.

The mission of Staywell Health Care is to provide the best possible healthcare to our patients. Each employee cooperating through each department makes an important contribution to patient care whether you have direct patient contact or not.

Each of our staff members – professional, administrative and support – compliments the other to provide the best possible care.

Should you chose to join our StayWell family, not only is your job important, YOU are important. As a member of the patient care team, you have a demanding yet rewarding job.

As an employee of the StayWell family, you are a part of our history as well as our future.

The following is a brief description of each site and the services provided:

80 Phoenix Avenue – North End

StayWell provides Adult and Pediatric Medicine as well as OB/GYN services to its clients, supported by the Clerical and Medical Records Departments. The Administrative Offices, such as the Office of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Community Programs and Grants Development and the Human Resource Office, are located in this site along with MIS and Billing.

77 Woodlawn – Driggs School-Based Center

The Driggs School-Based Program offers students of the Driggs Elementary School an unusual opportunity to access to medical services right in their own back yard. The Program is staffed by an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner supported by a Program Coordinator and Clerical staff. Dental Hygiene and Mental Health services are also available.

1302 and 1309 South Main Street-South End Offices

The South End provides an array of services to its clients including medical, dental and mental health, and has been the fastest growing StayWell site.

Other area locations where we provide services:

Driggs School 1302 South Main

Western CT Mental Health Network 95 Thomaston Avenue

St. Vincent DePaul Shelter Waterbury

Salvation Army Shelter Waterbury (we only have weekly case management services offered here )

The over 40 locations include every public school in Waterbury and Naugatuck, preschools and Head start in Waterbury and Naugatuck, Senior Centers in Waterbury, Project Homeless Connect that annually takes place at the Armory and the St. John’s Soup Kitchen.

StayWell Health Care Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information regarding career opportunities, please contact Human Resources department at