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About Us

DIAL/SELF Youth & Community Services

The Mission of DIAL/SELF is to help young people become independent by connecting with housing, education, employment and civic engagement opportunities.

Youth Development Philosophy

The pathway from childhood to adulthood is fraught with disharmony, risks and barriers.

In order to safely make this transition youth need effective social skills, clear and consistent boundaries, marketable skills, caring support, high expectations, and opportunities for meaningful participation and contribution.

Youth are more likely to make the journey to adulthood unscathed when there are caring adults actively serving as guides, providing safe havens, and fostering self awareness, self-worth, self-discipline, and self-motivation.

D/S believes that many of the risks confronted by youth can be pre-empted through effective public policies. In order to fulfill its mission, D/S must work to pre-empt risks by engaging in public policy discussions and advocacy.

When risks can not be pre-empted, D/S must work to reduce and prevent risky behavior.

And when youth suffer the consequences of risky behavior, D/S must work to provide opportunities for them to get back on track.