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Center for Adults With Autism

The Towson University Center for Adults with Autism was established in February 2008 with a generous donation from Therese and Douglas Erdman, in order to “empower young adults who have ASD to keep learning and to live life to their fullest.”

Young adults transitioning from school-based services are faced with a number of challenges, including less structured environments and fewer opportunities for socialization outside of family life. Professionals and researchers who focus on this group are limited in number, and there are few resources available to support these young adults as they make this transition. The Center for Adults with Autism is focused on becoming an effective, integrated, interdisciplinary resource center that supports education for professionals, and links academic and community resources for young adults with ASD and their families.

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Center for Adults with Autism is to provide educational experiences for students and professionals and conduct faculty-student applied research and outreach activities that support adults on the autism spectrum in living meaningful lives as fully engaged members of their communities. Programs offered through the Center use a model that incorporates partnering university students with adults on the autism spectrum to support mutual learning and includes evaluating and disseminating outcomes. The Center serves as a resource to the campus, the surrounding community, and the State.

This mission is being realized through the Center for Adults with Autism by:

-providing educational opportunities for students, professionals, family members, and the public,

-offering and evaluating models for programs and services, supporting applied research by faculty and students, and

-providing links between community and academic resources.