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Each year, SCORE counselors touch thousands of lives, generously sharing their knowledge and experience so that entrepreneurs can realize their dreams of business success.  SCORE counselors are men and women, retired and working, with significant business experience, donating their time (usually one day a week) and talent to assist America's entrepreneurs by providing free, confidential business counseling. 


Our members come from a variety of occupations and backgrounds. Many have owned small businesses; others have worked for major firms, and others have had significant careers in government or not-for-profits. All share a belief that small business owners are more likely to succeed if they have a business coach or mentor to guide them – focusing on their business planning, financials, customer and product definition, marketing (social media) plans and business scalability. SCORE services are free and confidential to anyone for the life of their business.


SCORE is a nationwide volunteer organization with over 11,000 members, organized into 300 plus geographical Chapters.  The North East Massachusetts SCORE Chapter consists of 12 Branches located in towns clustered along Route 128 and 495, from Concord to Stoneham to Lynn to Newburyport. We practice team counseling (with 2 to 3 counselors meeting with each client for an hour long session), bringing mentors’ diverse experience to each counseling session. Clients work with counselors who have already dealt with most of the issues clients are seeing for the first time. Team counseling also allows fellow counselors to learn from each other, enriching their own expertise.  One of the joys of becoming a SCORE volunteer is working closely on client issues with other experienced professionals.


If you have had prior business or non-profit experience at the owner, managerial or other hands-on leadership positions and want to guide others starting out, consider volunteering for SCORE.  Bring your competence and experience in business operations, P&L, IT or Social Media campaigns AND your desire to act as a mentor:  to listen, to evaluate and finally to make reinforcing/corrective recommendations. Sounds interesting?  Contact us to learn more about SCORE.