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About Us

Imagine Prep at Surprise prepares students in grade 7-12 for college, career, and life by providing a unique educational experience, emphasizing educational engagement, independence, collaboration, creativity, integrity, and professionalism. Students participate in a curriculum that prepares them for the diverse and rapidly changing world, interrelating in new ways, and using newly-created technologies and methods of communication. Students learn how to collaborate and how to be global thinkers; they develop excellent communication and leadership skills, gain an appreciation for teamwork, and experience the rewards of initiative. Our students are held to professional standards in terms of work product, conduct, and appearance. It is through this combination of professional standards and academic engagement that our students are prepared for their futures. Imagine Prep exposes students to the latest technologies and trends; encourages students to develop communication skills through our student-run Internet-based radio station, KPRP “the Storm;” and provides real-world learning opportunities through life-changing field trips, engaging projects, and intellectually challenging discussions. We strive to graduate students who love learning and pursue wisdom; use their talents and skills for the greater good; are adaptable, resilient, and responsible citizens; and who engage in life with both honor and integrity. These values and goals are how Imagine Prep prepares students for college, career, and life