United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Africa

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About Us


The General Assembly gave a mandate to UNREC to provide, upon request, substantive support for initiatives and other efforts of Member States of the African region towards the realization of measures of peace, arms limitations and disarmament in the region. UNREC was further mandated to cooperate with the African Union, successor institution to the Organization of African Unity, and to coordinate the implementation of regional activities in Africa leading to peace, arms control and disarmament.

Priority Areas

Due to its location in Africa, UNREC specifically examines the relationship between security, disarmament and development. The Centre is also mindful of the linkages that exist between disarmament and arms control, and human security, gender issues, illicit trafficking in persons and drugs, crime, human rights, and governance. UNREC conducts its activities on the African continent and covers all types of weapons, from small arms and light weapons to weapons of mass destruction. Due to the specific nature of the threats to human security in Africa, the Centre has put emphasis on activities linked to controlling the illicit trade and proliferation of small arms, and to conventional weapons such as cluster munitions, other explosive remnants of war and landmines. In particular, UNREC has lent extensive support to Member States and civil society in their implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms.

UNREC works along four priority areas:

  • peace and security, including human security
  • disarmament and arms control
  • advocacy and resource mobilization
  • information, research and publication

UNREC provides assistance to Member States, regional organizations and civil society in the:

  • adherence to international legal norms and political commitments
  • development of national or regional legal norms and policies
  • capacity-building and training
  • advocacy and information

UNREC carries out this programme of activities through the provision of substantive and technical advice to Member States; the publication of studies and reports; the organization of seminars and capacity-building trainings; and the promotion of peace, arms control and disarmament. UNREC funds its project through voluntary contribution from Member States and other donors. The management staff and part of the operating expenses are covered by the United Nations regular budget.