First Lutheran Children's Program

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About Us

Mission Statement

As Christian ministries of First Lutheran Church, The First Lutheran Children’s Programs (including the Toddlers, Full & Part Time Preschool, School Age Care and Day Camp programs) promote a safe, secure, and enriching experience for both children and staff.


Our programs provide an environment in which children can explore, experience, and enrich their lives. Children will be heard, listened to, valued and appreciated as unique individuals.



First Lutheran Children’s Programs provides a safe, creative environment for children, ages 12 months to 12 years.  Through a diverse program and provided by trained staff, First Lutheran Children’s Programs seeks to help each child achieve his/her potential in terms of emotional development, physical well-being, social and spiritual growth.  We are serious about First Lutheran’s educational ministry.  But, our intent is to provide a fun-filled experience.  We believe that children learn best when they are involved, experiencing and having fun.  To this end, the program provides many fun, varied experiences that are developmentally appropriate for their ages.


First Lutheran seeks to provide:


1.      An environment for each child that is safe and secure.

2.      An opportunity for each child to develop a sense of responsibility as a member of his/her family, the community and the world.

3.      The opportunities for each child to explore and experience new activities.

4.      The opportunities for each child to develop a respect for the natural environment.

5.      A fun and caring atmosphere that allows for individual self-expression and personal growth.

6.      An opportunity for each child to develop his/her capacities for leadership.


The programs will strive to meet the community, family, staff and children’s needs.