Whole Brain Health Initiative

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About Us

To help people optimize their brains' health, fulfill their minds' potential, and have fun throughout the journey.

Our vision is a world in which people are making the best of their brains.  This occurs after several fundamental shifts are made in the way people approach this.  Instead of aimlessly following the fad of the month, people are reflecting on their own individual lifestyles and deciphering what changes would serve their own individual brain the best.  Secondly, people utilize behavioral change sciences to implement the changes in a sustainable manner.  Lastly, people are monitoring their brain performance in a way where they know they are making the best of their brain.

In this world where people are making the best of their brains, the incidences of Dementia are significantly reduced, people recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries are guided to the quickest and best recovery possible, people at the work place are performing more effectively, children perform better in school, and anyone else who wants to improve upon their brain is enabled to successfully do so.