Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart

  • MD

About Us

We are a community of Roman Catholic Sisters based in Baltimore MD.

Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart, are an apostolic community of women religious, respond to God’s call to advance the Kingdom by striving to live Gospel values in our personal and communal life, and by proclaiming the Word through our diverse ministries of evangelization and catechesis.

In the spirit of our founding sisters led by Mary Frances Cunningham, Mother Demetrius, we reach out to others so that the Gospel message may transform more fully their lives and ours.

Consistent with the rich heritage of our early sisters, we participate in the mission of the Church.  Attentive to the Spirit expressed through the leadership of the Church and other prophetic voices, we respond creatively to new, challenging needs.

In this effort, we are aided by our own diversity of gifts, lifestyles and cultures.  Our missionary spirituality sustains us as we collaborate with others in sharing ministry, leadership and witness with Church and world.

United by our dedication to the heart of Jesus, and by our efforts to embody His simplicity of life, prayerfulness, zeal and compassionate love, we seek to further the Gospel values of justice and peace in our time.