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About Us

Rebuild by Design helps communities and governments design processes to achieve their resilience goals not only by preparing for and recovering from shocks—such as earthquakes, fires, and floods—but also addressing daily stresses like homelessness, lack of affordable housing, and pollution. In partnership with 100 Resilient Cities, Rebuild reimagines the way communities find solutions for today’s large-scale, complex problems.

How we work:
Rebuild By Design uses collaborative, design-driven problem-solving to convene a mix of sectors - including government, business, non-profit, and community organizations to work with communities and cities to build resilience. Rooted heavily in a research-driven approach, Rebuild uses site visits, community conversations, and on-the-ground research – including panel discussions, symposiums, and workshops – to gain a better understanding of how overlapping environmental and human-made vulnerabilities leave cities and regions at risk. Leading a subsequent collaborative design process ensures the final outcomes are informed, innovative, and implementable. Working with government and local stakeholders throughout the process ensures the resulting projects are realistic and achievable, and have strong community support. Rebuild works to leave communities with a better understanding, increased capacity, implementable projects, new relationships, and demonstrative examples of how a better process leads to a better outcome.