Jess Curtis/Gravity

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80 Turk Street
San Francisco
United States

About Us

Founded in 2000 by choreographer-director Jess Curtis, Gravity creates exceptionally engaging body-based art that physically explores and addresses issues and ideas of substance and relevance to anyone with a body. Jess Curtis/Gravity has premiered 12 full-evening productions and numerous shorter works with co-producers in the U.S. and Europe, performing in over 60 cities in 13 countries.

Jess Curtis/Gravity creates, produces, and tours original body-based performances that physically explore and address issues of relevance to anyone with a body; educates the public with physically accessible workshops; nurtures emerging artists through an incubation program providing mentorship, guidance, and fiscal sponsorship; fosters international exchange through co-productions and touring support; and supports the presentation of free performances in public spaces through our Pop Up Performance Project.

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