Agape World Ministries

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About Us

Agape World Ministries (AWM) is a faith based charity that was established in 2008. It was officially recognized by the government of Uganda as a Non-Government Organization in 2011. Its registration number is 8947. The organization was established as the children’s platform to voice out their views in matters affecting them and to acts as a channel in championing the children’s welfare and to address the root causes for street children, abandoned children and children from highly risky families.

These children roam the streets noosing Petrol and other intoxicating substances, watching parked cars for a fee, and in most cases they have become a nonsense to the public in the cities by their constant song of “Uncle give me some money”, “Aunt give me somemoney” while others go to the extent of stealing and selling drugs.  Not only do they make streets unsafe, the children suffer from malnutrition, disease, the hostility of the public and violence.  Thus the survivors enter adulthood with little training themselves other than by what they have learned in the street.  It is a vicious circle.

The Government due to severe crisis, has been unable to handle the growing number of children already in the streets.  Let alone to address the root causes of their growing numbers and plight.  Hundreds of non-governmental secular and church groups have been working with street children, but very few have made a dent in the problem.  Success usually is restricted to a very small number of children and is associated with some kind of a political figure. This sheer neglect has led to most of these children to loaf around a lot, engage in casual jobs that leave most of them unproductive while others go to the extent of engaging in destructive activities.  And as the problem grows, so does the negative reaction of the middle class, which sees these children as a threat to their safety and a scourge to the Uganda Society.  Seeing no practical options, the average Ugandan wishes these children would disappear and many Ugandans believe they should be confined in some place where they are not a threat to “decent” people.

In response to this need, Agape World Ministries (AWM) aims at restoring OVCs by giving compassion, hope and comfort to vulnerable groups through the provision of basic needs (i.e.shelter, food, education, spiritual empowerment, phycho-social support and medical care), Advocacy at community and government level, outreach, counseling&guidance, opportunities for self-esteem through recreational skills, capacity building and resettlement as the final goal.

The organization has a home which is located in Najjanakumbi along Entebbe road with children aged 2 -12yrs old and a Agape drop in center in Nalokolongo. We provide them with shelter, food, education, Spiritual empowerment, Phycho-social support, medical care, clothing, and recreational activities such as cultural music, dance, drama, sports and games at the same time raising awareness of the children’s needs in the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster sustainable development for sustainable livelihoods.

Our Vision 

Our Vision is give compassion, hope and comfort to vulnerable groups.