Eastern Ridge School

  • VA


Great Falls
United States

About Us

Imagine children learning geometry and fractions by measuring wood for birdhouses. Imagine them learning letters by finding their natural shapes in the woods and meadows, and learning to read and write by keeping journals and creating field guides.

Eastern Ridge School is a community that inspires independence, creativity, and a lifelong love of learning in an environment that encourages self-expression, shared experiences, and a passion for and connection to the natural world.

We view children as complete and capable individuals, with the right to develop their own educational experiences alongside their teachers. We encourage them to be actively engaged in problem solving and critical thinking and to find their own unique voices in a supportive, caring environment. This philosophy is based on the theories of constructivist thinkers such as John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, Jean Piaget and Howard Gardner, whose work helped inspire the Reggio Emilia approach. We are also inspired by forest schools, outdoor education and making connections with art and nature.