Mother's Day Radio

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About Us

Mother’s Day Radio (MDR) is a community driven initiative whose mission is to:

1) Engender respect for the lives of women and marginalized youth by advancing media portrayals of them that depict the inherent value, worth, and honor of their humanity; and

2) Foster agency in the lives of disenfranchised individuals by providing them with opportunities to influence and advocate for media portrayals that respectfully represent them.

Mother’s Day Radio has set the following goals to accomplish this mission:

1. Foster community-school relationships/dialogue around media justice advocacy and literacy.

2. Provide media justice advocacy and literacy training to at-risk youth.

3. Provide media justice advocacy service learning opportunities and media literacy mentorship training to college students.

4. Provide resources, education and training on the sociological and psychological impact and health risks of overexposure to media portrayals that degrade and/or misrepresent members of disenfranchised communities.

5. Increase public access to artists, writers, journalists, photographers, videographers, musicians, entertainers, producers and media outlets that advance media portrayals that depict the inherent value, worth, and honor of the humanity of women and marginalized youth.

6. Provide community forums on media literacy education and media justice advocacy to individuals in disenfranchised communities.

We build this work through two components—an annual Weekend of Uplift and our Youth Media Literacy Peer Mentor Program.