ArtStreet Inc.

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83 Church St.

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About Us

Art Street is an organization of creative performers, artists, musicians, business people, cultural activists and people like you that brings the power of the arts into daily life to celebrate community values. We join with civil agencies, cultural and community organizations, corporations and individual arts enthusiasts to create festivals, cultural events and participatory community programs to bring people together in extraordinary, delightful, creative ways.

Art Street’s mission is to improve and enrich daily life by involving people in arts programs that nurture their community spirit. Founded in 1991, Art Street has worked with organizations and individuals throughout the United States and Europe to transform communities through creative displays of spirit that last for a day or forever.

Art Street transforms daily life. City streets, campuses, office parks, plazas, convention halls, construction barriers, buses, airports, train stations, factories, building lobbies, cafeterias, historic districts, ethnic neighborhoods and stadiums have become expressive sites for art events that promote community spirit.

Art Street encourages everyone to join together in a show of spirit to improve society and celebrate each other.