Open City Productions 2002 - Montreal-

  • QC


279 Sherbrooke W. # 311

About Us

'Open City Productions 2002 is a not for profit community arts organisation located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Our projects focus on, but are not limited to, racism, discrimination, human rights, social justice and equality. There is always a creative art component at the center of all our projects. Our partners include public schools, community organizations, NGO's, governments, foundations, arts and culture groups/organizations, and their clients. We especially seek to work with people in our society whom, for various reasons,are isolated, disenfranchised, marginalized and excluded. We work with these people to help them discover their self confidence and richness of expression, diversity, and strength of opinion. In recent years we have expanded our base of operations to include a pan-Canadian mural making project called The Great Millennium Wall of Canada. We have hosted internships for young Canadians to work in community settings in South Africa. We are currently developing a project between the Governments of Quebec and Chile for a large scale art exchange program. Through all of our joint project efforts, we are the able to sensitize and promote to the general public the realities that are the daily struggles of people in stressful and unstable conditions, conditions often accompanied by poverty, abuse, violence, and intolerance.