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Nature for Life Conservation Initiatives (NALCOI) is a local NGO based in Uganda, East Africa, founded in 2010 to promote Environmental conservation; increase access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene; and improve food security and livelihoods among the poor communities in Uganda.


People and nature in harmony for sustainable development.


To mobilize, synthesize, and diffuse breakthrough science, technologies and best practices to improve food security, household incomes, water and sanitation systems, and environmental sustainability.

Environmental conservation

Environmental degradation is a global challenge. The rate of deforestation is increasing globally. FAO, 2016 reported a net forest loss of 7 million hectares annually in tropical countries in 2000 - 2010. Moreover in Uganda deforestation is increasing every year. Between 2000 and 2015, Uganda lost 122,000 hectares per year. There is no doubt that agriculture is a major cause of deforestation. The poor farming communities in Uganda largely depend on ecosystem services for food and livelihood. However, the capacity of the environment to continue providing ecosystem services for the poor people is demonstrably reducing. This is evidenced through frequent and adverse impacts of climate change and reduced soil productivity. Biodiversity both fauna and flora is being lost alarmingly.

NALCOI partly exists to averts these occurrences that are affecting the poor people disproportionately. NALCOI works directly with the poor farming communities at the grassroots to design, test and implement proven strategies that increase sustainable food security and incomes, and sustainable soil productivity while enhancing environmental sustainability.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Access to safe water and sanitation is still a biggest challenge in Uganda. Over the past years, Uganda has experienced improve in economic growth and increased human population. This has mounted pressure on the few water and sanitation services that exist. Unmatched development with social services has lead to 61 percent of Ugandans lacking access to safe water and 75 percent do not have access to improved sanitation facilities.

NALCOI works with communities at the grassroots to improve sustainable access to safe water and sanitation facilities alongside increasing adoption of hygiene practices in the marginalized communities.

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Fundraising Volunteers (4) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Fundraising Volunteers (4) (Volunteer Opportunity)