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About Us

ISE is a world class organization that brings exchange students to the United States to live with loving American host families. Our goal of bringing people of the world closer together is what motivates both our national and regional offices on a daily basis.

Hosting a foreign exchange student means opening your home and your heart to a teen from another country while they attend your local public high school.

ISE has many different hosting programs available. Opportunities are available for periods of 5 months, 10 months or a full 12 month program, with the most common being the 10 month academic year program.

Exchange Students who participate in the program have been carefully screened before their acceptance. Participants are selected based on their academic achievements and their extracurricular interests. Interviewers identify individuals who demonstrate a curious, optimistic view on the challenges and adventures lying before them. Accepted students are responsible, outgoing and possess an adaptable nature. ISE partners are looking for "great kids" with positive attitudes and interests which have something special to offer a Host Family during their hosting experience.

In Your family - You will learn more about different culture views and how they impact life in the U.S. by exchanging ideas with your exchange student. An exposure to different cultures will grow a deeper appreciation for what your family has and for the tremendous challenges facing other nations.

In Schools – Classes will come alive with native accents, colloquialisms and contextual usage. Exchange students can clearly show how language and culture are intertwined. Your exchange student will add new dimensions to the activities of your schools' international clubs and organizations.

In Your Town - Worldwide events will take on a new significance when exchange students are in your community and ready to share their perspectives and experiences. Students also participate in community service.