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About Us

Proud Ground is a nonprofit organization that provides affordable homeownership opportunities for people who work and live in our community. Working with community partners, lenders, builders and others, Proud Ground prepares families and individuals for homeownership; helps them purchase existing homes; builds new affordable homes; offers homeowners tools to be successful; and manages transactions to keep homes affordable for generations to come.

Accomplishments:* 210 first-time homebuyers served since 1999* 217 permanently affordable homes in portfolio* 367 households on home buyer wait list* Proud Ground has not lost any homes to foreclosure* Proud Ground now serves the entire Portland, Oregon Metropolitan region of Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties.* In December 2012 Proud Ground integrated with Clackamas Community Land Trust: CCLT dissolved, Proud Ground acquired its assets, Clackamas County is now in our service area, and we provide post-purchase support to the 49 homeowners who purchased through CCLT.* Proud Ground is in the midst of pursuing funding to serve Clark County and Vancouver, WA, which currently do not have any permanently affordable homeownership opportunities.* In 2012 Proud Ground began administering a home repair IDA (HIDA), offering 3:1 matching grant funds to Proud Ground homeowners for home maintenance & repair and energy efficiency work (Proud Ground administers funds that will match homeowner savings 3:1, with up to $9,000 available as a match. For instance, if a homeowner saves $2,000 that would be matched with $6,000, giving the homeowner $8,000 toward approved home repair work).